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Storage devices set to harness holographic technology


3D holographic technology is providing numerous opportunities for businesses, and it's also driving significant improvements in hardware currently in the marketplace. Hologram prints are traditionally used to project an image into the third dimension, but the trend may soon be built into data storage devices, presenting a substantial increase in processing capabilities. As 3D procedures continue to develop, integrating the system early will help organizations gain a competitive advantage.


SXSW and 3D Photo Capture


If you are attending SXSW this year, you have to stop by the Captured Dimensions Booth. They are set up at the  SXSW Gaming Expo. You can get your photo taken in 3D and order a hologram or a 3D print of the photo capture. 

Maker Movement continues to be a game-changing force


The Maker Movement continues to gain passionate advocates and build a reputation as a game-changing force in American industry. At a recent roundtable discussion at the San Francisco branch of do-it-yourself enabler TechShop, Nancy Pelosi, the Minority Leader of the U.S. House of Representatives, spoke glowingly about the effect that Maker Movement proponents have on American creativity and manufacturing, VentureBeat contributor Christina Farr reported.

Why 3D holography is the future of medicine

3D Model of Human Body

The medical sector is usually at the forefront of technological deployment. Any innovation that has the potential to drive discovery in research, improve medical operations and enhance patient care is likely to see some implementation. While some deployments have more wide-ranging and long-lasting effects than others, technology continues to spur understanding and progressive treatment in this essential field.

2014 - The Year of 3D Content (Part 1)

3D Content

Is it too early to declare 2014 the year of 3D content creation? We don't think so. In 2014, we'll see the increasing convergence of two of the most powerful phenomena in tech today - 3D printing and the consumerization of IT. While the first 3D printers to hit the market required some serious four-figure cash investments, the technology has improved to the point at which many 3D printers are available for small businesses and even the home. At the same time, we're immersed in another golden age of community innovation - the sense that anyone can take advantage of emerging technologies to make things is palpable from the Silicon Valley to the Research Triangle, and all points in between.

3D scanning technology giving new life to ancient relics


3D scanning technologies are giving "living history" a whole new meaning. One of the most difficult conundrums of the museum experience, as any curator or tour guide will tell you, is allowing people to gain the up-close experience of historical objects without risking damage. The fragility and uniqueness of relics from antiquity necessitates a spatial distance between item and observer, but glass cases and cordoned-off spaces can diminish the viewer's enjoyment and understanding of the object of their fascination.


Using holograms as effective presentation tools


The fields of architecture, engineering and construction have changed significantly with the emergence of 3D technology. Innovative 3D tools help building professionals create more successful presentations and ensure that their products are conveyed effectively to their clients. Architectural visualization has become more streamlined than the pen and paper drafts from the past. Images that architects make now are more detailed and accurate representations of the finished product. While these pictures are useful reference points for the designer, they're even more effective as collaborative presentation tools.


The role of 3D printing in construction


3D printing was one of the major phenomena shaping technological innovation in 2013, and all indications point to its continued march to the mainstream in 2014. While much of the discussion on 3D printing has focused on the disruptive potential of printing guns or money, there have been many exciting uses of 3D visualization technologies and printing in sectors such as healthcare, education and space. One of the most impactful developments is the use of 3D printing technologies in construction. 3D printing stands to improve several operational processes in this sector in various areas of the development chain, and it will be interesting to see how its popularity will give rise to even more innovative implementations. 


Building information modeling and 3D: Developing smarter structures


3D visualization technology and software enables professionals in the AEC sector to make smarter design and development conclusions with a wider array of information at their fingertips. 3D building information modeling (BIM) is a process that vastly enhances decision making about physical infrastructure. With the capacity to improve visual communication and foster more integrated design strategies, it's no wonder that BIM is being called "the DNA of future construction," wrote Spar Point Group contributor Dan McGovern.

Give the perfect gift with holiday holograms


Wondering what to get for that friend or family member that has everything? As the holiday season kicks into high gear, Zebra Imaging is offering a unique gift that uses holograms to bring Santa and other holiday images into the third dimension. These holiday holograms offer displays with vivid accuracy and detail reminiscent of photos and real-life objects.

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