Ford B-Max Hologram - Great Use of Technology in Advertising

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Ford B-Max Hologram - Great Use of Technology in Advertising


Zebra Imaging and Ford B-Max Campaign

Ford Motor Company utilized Zebra Imaging's 3D holographic prints to promote the new Ford B-Max car via a social media campaign. Using Peer Index, a company that enables brands to identify and engage with social media influencers, the Ford B-Max campaign seeks to identify top social media influencers in the automotive industry to help them spread the word about Ford’s latest car innovation – the Ford B-Max.

Ford B-Max Hologram Campaign

Top Social Media Influencers will receive an 8”x10” color ZScape hologram print of the Ford B-Max car. Those who qualify as high influence persons, based on a peer level scoring and following they attain on, include bloggers, editors, reviewers and others with a strong social media presence and authority in the automotive space.

Video of the Making of the B-Max Hologram



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