Industries eagerly adopt holography as science improves

Posted by Jennifer Stowe on Fri, Jul 11, 2014

Holographic technology still has the magic and sci-fi appeal of a new discovery, but is now gaining rapid traction in industrial and consumer level applications, reports ComputerWorldUK. This new wave of adoption for holography is good news for those in the medical, political and military fields, as digital holography has already been used in each of them in order to teach and inspire.

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Zebra CTO Craig Newswanger on 3D Holography

Posted by Jennifer Stowe on Thu, Jun 12, 2014

Craig Newswanger is now fulfilling his dreams about bringing the incredible power of digital holography to consumers today. As Zebra Imaging's chief technology officer, he's been at the forefront of optical research for holographic imaging and has been instrumental in crafting the architecture that forms the basis of our 3D visualization technologies. He's also been working in the field of holography for more than 30 years, back when few beyond the laboratory were aware of the transformative potential 3D imaging held for various industries.

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