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7 Austin companies make Deloitte fastest-growing list ; 7 Austin companies on Deloitte list


Seven Austin companies made Deloitte's annual list of the country's 500 fastest growing technology companies. The list ranks companies by five-year revenue growth.

Video from 2009 GEOINT Symposium Interview with Al Wargo CEO Zebra Imaging


See the video from 2009 GEOINT Symposium Interview with Al Wargo CEO of Zebra Imaging.

Zebra Imaging 3D Architectural Holograms


Zebra holograms dramatically reduce time to certainty. For architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) projects, it is important to attractively and accurately present 3D form and function over iterative reviews. Holograms can be rendered from the same 3D digital design and CAD models that most AEC clients already produce for 2D renderings and animated fly-throughs.

FiO Hot Topics: Hot Optics


A key emerging area in biology and medicine, where observations often have to be made in living systems, is developing tools and techniques for molecularly specific imaging, Schaffer explained, with the best being nonlinear optical methods, because they will allow deep tissue imaging. Schaffer discussed nonlinear optical methods such as two-photon excited fluorescence, harmonic generation and coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering.

Now In 3D: Could portable, easy-to-print holograms be the next big thing in design visualization?


“Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” That was the call of desperation from an imprisoned Princess Leia in the original Star Wars movie. She was just 12 inches tall at the time, and she wasn’t even really there—she was a hologram. In the real world, holograms haven’t quite yet reached that level, but they’re getting close.

The "z-factor" is taking IT into a new dimension


From the earliest cave paintings to the modern flat screen, we have become used to interpreting the reality of our three-dimensional (3D) environment through flattened 2D visual representations. Our brains automatically interpret the mathematical constructs of perspective to create the illusion of the third dimension: depth, usually designated as the z-axis, alongside the vertical y-axis and horizontal x-axis.

The Promise of a 3D Holographic Display


Instead of viewing 3D data on a flat screen, imagine being able to manipulate it in a full 3D environment that doesn’t require special glasses or other devices. Zebra Imaging is working on holographic display technology that will open up new possibilities on how we navigate and collaborate with spatial data.

Louis Paul and Partners Add Tech Clients


The Austin office of Lois Paul & Partners, a national strategic communications agency, announced some new tech clients today. One of them is in Austin, and the other in Virginia. With the addition of two new clients, WellAWARE Systems and Zebra Imaging, the agency expands on its experience in life sciences and cutting edge technologies. The new clients include:
* WellAWARE Systems — based in Charlottesville, Virginia, WellAWARE Systems is a provider of unobtrusive, highly accurate wellness monitoring services that empower families and health communities with information about the health status of seniors living either at home or in senior living facilities. The WellAWARE solution enables designated caregivers, both professional and personal, to monitor the daily activities of cared-for individuals and subsequently provide a higher quality of care.
* Zebra Imaging — based in Austin, Texas, Zebra Imaging is a provider of holographic display and visualization technologies. Zebra Imaging designs, develops and manufactures state-of-the-art 3-D holographic displays for government, military and commercial markets including architecture, engineering and construction (AEC). Zebra Imaging has developed the world’s most dynamic 3-D visual communication medium that is portable, scalable, intuitively-understood and easily viewable to help customers turn design data into reality. Customers include Federal and Department of Defense agencies; leading architecture, design and planning firms; civilian topographic agencies and various groups who need to clearly and effortlessly demonstrate sophisticated 3-D data in a comprehensive, durable and portable medium.

Three Companies to Watch in 3D


3D as a form of entertainment has gone from novelty to semi-forgotten relic. Now, thanks to a recent spate of 3D movies, it’s back. It’s likely to stay around this time, because the business base is strong and new tech offers better options for capturing, distributing and displaying 3D images.

Day 2 at Spar


Write up from LiDAR News of the Spar Conference...

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