3D Holographic Prints

The power to create a viewing experience unlike any other. Showcase information in rich, realistic, 3D detail.

Zebra Imaging's holographic technology represents a leap forward in three-dimensional imaging. Our 3D holographic prints help your audiences connect, collaborate and comprehend as never before. You’ll not only see information from every angle — you’ll experience it. From architectural design concepts, to understanding complex medical information, understanding and comprehension in 3D is a proven methodology.  

What is a Zebra Hologram? Watch our Video

Key Features of 3D Holographic Prints (holograms)

  • True 3D: Glasses-free 3D - enjoy a 360-degree viewing range.
  • Multiple copies: Unlike physical models, you can easily produce multiple "leave behinds" for clients, investors and other stakeholders.
  • Easy viewing: Illuminate the hologram with a simple halogen or LED light source, no special viewing equipment is required.
  • Portable and durable: Our holographic prints are easy to ship; the prints come with protective coatings for durability, and they can be marked on with a dry erase marker.
  • Reliable archives: Our three-dimensional images are "version proof" and store flat, so you can refer to them years later — without the need for a computer or specific software.
  • Full-color or monochrome formats: Complex information can be displayed with brilliant detail, transparency and color — and feature greater accuracy than physical models.

Custom Options Available:

  • Channeling/Multi-image technology: We can combine up to four images in one holographic print that's viewable from different directions; for example, as an image is turned, you can show project phasing, different design alternatives, or before and after views.
  • Color-coded annotations: Put more information into a single print — even in multiple languages — so you can overcome language barriers and communicate quickly.

We offer Horizontal, Incline and Vertical Orientation of our Hologram Prints.

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