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Recognized by TIME Magazine as one of the 50 Best Inventions

With ZScape® holographic motion displays, you can escape the limits ofGroup Cityscape two-dimensional displays and visualize your data in true, three-dimensional detail.

Empower your teams to collaborate in real time by viewing lifelike, interactive images from any angle and with brilliant detail.

Our motion displays are scalable and interactive, so you can accelerate problem solving and develop actionable insights quickly and efficiently.

It’s the perfect way to bring your ideas to life with a true spatial presence.



Some applications for our holographic motion displays include

  • Geo-seismic and related 3D data visualization: Spatially manipulate complex data to extract key insights; communicate discoveries across disciplines using an easily comprehensible visual representation.
  • Medical training: Analyze and manipulate complex physiological data sets from multiple dimensions — easily understood by experts as well as trainees. Navigate, enlarge and manipulate the imagery to a degree limited only by data resolution.
  • Military simulation and situational awareness: Enable rapid understanding of regional landscapes and urbanscapes, quickly giving viewers a feeling of familiarity that is essential for successful missions.
  • 3D entertainment and gaming: Convey all aspects of the virtual 3D world during planning, production and post-production; help facilitate the creation of 3D content with immediate access to all perspectives. Your viewers can then escape into lifelike, three-dimensional entertainment and games that explode with full-color, true-3D realism.


The Zebra Imaging holographic motion display is a self-contained system that’s linked to your preferred 3D application software and computer workstations via an Ethernet connection. Featuring support for industry-standard 3D graphics APIs, such as OpenGL, our holographic displays are compatible with a wide range of visualization and graphics applications. This enables the images displayed on your computer monitor to appear as dynamic, 3D holograms.



Our Development Timeline
Developed with help from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Zebra ZScape® holographic motion displays have already had an exciting history. Here’s a quick look at some of the industry firsts for this innovative technology.


  • DARPA Tech: First demonstration of a scalable holographic display technology
  • GeoInt: First demonstration of electronic holographic capability for geospatial applications
  • GeoInt: First demonstration of end-to-end, three-dimensional holographic video (using a real-time, multi-channel, LIDAR-based sensor for input)
  • First demonstration of a scalable full-color holographic display prototype


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